Financial stability & importance of it in Life.

Money may not be only important factor in life but it is importatnt to have good financial goals & planning to become successful in Life.

Someone yesterday at Jr level asked me, What only one advice I can give to him looking at my life’s experience.

I have thought lot that what can I tell to this young man ? Initial thought came that I can advise him to work on Innovation, latest technologies, to do something creative but then I need to give only one advice which is very important for him in Life so then I have said start making financial goals in the early stage of life.

We should enjoy life at fullest but same time we should have good future planning & financial goals.

Current Job market is very volatile, at any levels. How much smart, hardworking, committed you are, If business condition changes everything comes to Numbers and profit margin and sustanibility. Your Job title & individual performance become secondary & you might be ask to leave any day, as you grow at Sr level risk increases & probability of getting again new Job at Sr level is less. N no.of cases I have seen in life with many sectors where people are in trouble who didn’t do proper financial planning.

Financial stability gives you confidence, courage to take your own decision, respect in society. Not everyone but few people determine your succees by your financial achievements in Life.

I keep on giving one small example to few people, When I go on Activa our society security is not bothered much who is going but If I take Mercedes out he can stand and salute and open door quickly. Sad but true our society mind set has become like that. Offcourse not generalising it & many great leaders exceptions will be there, I am talking about common man, but I found in this particular example respect is not to person but it is coming because of Car which I am holding.

I have seen many cases where team members very firm I will only work on Microservices & Azure projects but some are flexible who says I can work on any related technologies, with any Customers and travel Worldwide. Happiness of everyone is different. My personal opinion is as your experience grows having knowledge & Experience on multiple technology helps.

Have a nice Sunday, If you have not done any financial planning so far start thinking various ways how we can get stability in it and less dependancy only on salary income.

Positive attitude helps to become successful in life.

It may be Professional life or personal life positive attitude helps to make progress or become successful in life. I have seen team members who kept approaoch that we will work on any upcoming Technology, Projects/Products has grown well.

Team members who kept attitude of sharing Knowledge, Instead of keeping themselves has grown faster and more team members wanted to work with them, Instead of Hero culture mindset that I only knows things and I will not share with anyone.

When first year of Computer Science I found Computer study difficult and their was suggestions that I should change my branch, all feedback I taken very positively and then done BCS,MCA, Executive MBA with Distinction from Symbiosis & now trying few more well known Worldwide University for higher education. I have not kept mindset of giving up in few set back.

When my business of Software Co. was doing great and physical attack has been done by Competatiors so that I should leave from that place and I started my life complete new from scratch and shown similar success in Job as well.

All types of challenges we might come across in life but how we deal with them in positive spirit matters lot.

Key to get successful Job.

Good morning,

Job market is very competitive in India and getting good dream job is not easy. For single position you gets hundreds of application.

Following aspect matters when anyone look at Profile at first glance.

  1. How well resume has been created ? Is proper efforts taken to create resume.I have seen resume from one page to 23 pages and some time one pager gets selected as it is short & highlighting all key achievement. In today’s time crunch environment no one have time to read 23 pages. We can decide ourselves what are our strength, what we need to highlight, what is unique in us and so on, my personal option beyond 2 to 3 pages it doesn’t make much sense.There are many online tools available to create good Resume as this is first impression.
  2. Engg degree everyone has now a days so apart from that what is our achievement, any certification, any projects, any extra curricular activities as only Engg degree not sufficient in today’s competative market.
  3. Communication skills are very important as now a days most of the projects are global so this is must criteria, you might be techincally very strong but If you cannot communicate your thoughts properly then chances of success are less as other person will find difficult to understand your thoughts.
  4. Proactiveness, Everyone like proactive team members instead of just informing problem, If team members Informed some solutions then people will like & appreciate it.
  5. Team player & knowledge sharing, this is very important aspect, Hero culture & not sharing Knowledge will not work for long term.
  6. Current trends in Industry. We should well aware what is current trends in our Industry

Few things which helped me to become successful are.

1. I started doing Software Development for few small Companies when I was doing my graduation in Computer Science.

2. When I was doing my Post graduation, I have started my small partnership Software firm and teaching Institute which is success story and helped me to get confidence in Industry.

3. Several state level, National levels Competation I have participated & Won the awards. Such as first best 25 Programmer in Pune on Unix platform, Second level National champion to developed own text editior in 1 hour, online coding Competation.

4. Tried to do lot of certifications such as Sun Certified Java programmer, ITIL certification and many more it’s good tool to evaluate ourselves.

5. Never thought of money as main criteria when starting my initial Jobs, learning was main criteria. Initial Job after graduation was 750 Rs. per month in 1993 but still learning which I have done in clipper, Cobol, Foxpro given me good starting point to develop real life Software.

Some of above points might help you to think what different things you can do to get your dream job.

Dream Job

Each one of us have dream to get very good dream job which fullfills all our dreams.

Now a days definition of good job is not restricted to only high salary, most of us look at various factors such as basically the brand value of company which we will work, we need to feel proud to inform our family, friends to tell about Company which we are working. Second aspect which is important is are we liking the work which we are doing ? Do we have real passion to the Job which we accepted or we are just doing to earn money or survival. Third thing is how is work life balance, depending upon Customers demand and Projects deadline we can have certain period with high workload, but what is normal routine, are we able to provide proper time to our family? this is very critical to have good work life balance. Forth thing important is World is becoming smaller day by day, are we getting Global opportunitiy to travel Worldwide.

We need to look at right balance in everything when we decide to choose our next Job and If you really enjoy what you are doing then it’s real fun to go every day to office.