Dream Job

Each one of us have dream to get very good dream job which fullfills all our dreams.

Now a days definition of good job is not restricted to only high salary, most of us look at various factors such as basically the brand value of company which we will work, we need to feel proud to inform our family, friends to tell about Company which we are working. Second aspect which is important is are we liking the work which we are doing ? Do we have real passion to the Job which we accepted or we are just doing to earn money or survival. Third thing is how is work life balance, depending upon Customers demand and Projects deadline we can have certain period with high workload, but what is normal routine, are we able to provide proper time to our family? this is very critical to have good work life balance. Forth thing important is World is becoming smaller day by day, are we getting Global opportunitiy to travel Worldwide.

We need to look at right balance in everything when we decide to choose our next Job and If you really enjoy what you are doing then it’s real fun to go every day to office.

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