Positive attitude helps to become successful in life.

It may be Professional life or personal life positive attitude helps to make progress or become successful in life. I have seen team members who kept approaoch that we will work on any upcoming Technology, Projects/Products has grown well.

Team members who kept attitude of sharing Knowledge, Instead of keeping themselves has grown faster and more team members wanted to work with them, Instead of Hero culture mindset that I only knows things and I will not share with anyone.

When first year of Computer Science I found Computer study difficult and their was suggestions that I should change my branch, all feedback I taken very positively and then done BCS,MCA, Executive MBA with Distinction from Symbiosis & now trying few more well known Worldwide University for higher education. I have not kept mindset of giving up in few set back.

When my business of Software Co. was doing great and physical attack has been done by Competatiors so that I should leave from that place and I started my life complete new from scratch and shown similar success in Job as well.

All types of challenges we might come across in life but how we deal with them in positive spirit matters lot.

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